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New version of Toast: v1.2.0

New version of Toast: v1.2.0

The release of TOAST v1.2.0 for developers was announced on Samsung Developers Forum website. This are some features: - New: webOS platform is now available -...
Video SDC 2016: Write once and run everywhere with TOAST for Smart TVvideo

Video SDC 2016: Write once and run everywhere with TOAST for Smart TV

Video from Samsung Developer Conference 2016: Write once and run everywhere with TOAST for Samsung Smart TV.
TOAST Smart TV Using cordova Code

Introduction to TOAST (Part 4): Using TOAST for Smart TV

Precondition Now that we know how our TOAST plug-in works, we can see how to implement in our Smart TV development environment. Before using TOAST, we...
TOAST Smart TV Technical Specifications

Introduction to TOAST (Part 3): Technical Specifications

Cordova model TOAST is an open source technology based on Cordova. The first-to-go project when it comes to support One source/Multiple uses platforms. Being Cordova an...
TOAST Smart TV One source for multiple

Introduction to TOAST (Part 2): One source for multiple Smart TV platforms

Project TOAST As in mobile development, we have a common experience that needs be delivered to multiple devices. Smart TV’s apps across all platforms, from Samsung...
TOAST Smart TV maintenance

Introduction to TOAST (Part 1): Fragmentation for Smart TV platform

Introduction Today I want to talk to you about Samsung's open source project created to minimize overhead in TV application development: Write once and run...
List Focus Manager

Class ListFocusManager: Navigate through a simple list

A simple JavaScript class to navigate on a list of items in an application Smart TV.   DemoSource The most basic form of navigation in an application...
React.js forTV UIs

Using React.js for TV UIs

Steve McGuire shares how Netflix achieved a completely declarative, React-based architecture that’s fast on the devices in your living room.     There is nothing better than...
TOAST Smart TV app development

Let’s TOAST! Introducing the new solution from Samsung for Smart TV app development!

Samsung has just launched its new solution for the future of application development on Smart TV TOAST (TV Oriented Application Simplification for Tizen) is a...
Debugging Smart TV into app Console

Debugging into the app

Sometimes you just do not want to fight, do not want to think about new frameworks, new libraries, new standards or specifications of code....