Registering keys from the remote control


Brief tutorial on how to correctly register the remote control keys for the Tizen Based Samsung Smart TV platform


  1. Tizen SDK or your favorite text editor (just for the code).
  2. Name of all the keys in Tizen (this will be at the end).
  3. Privilege:

Registering your keys will make your app support additional keys than the defaults.

The default keys that Tizen supports are:

  • ArrowLeft, ArrowUp, ArrowRight, ArrowDown.
  • Enter.
  • Back.

In the config.xml file we add the privilege like the example below:

<tizen:privilege name=""/>

We now have everything we need to register our keys. I have placed the following snippet code below which I will also explain.

//tvKey is where the supported keys will be stored and i is the incremental variable for the loops
var tvKey ={}, i;

//supportedKeys will be assigned by the keys that the TV will support
var supportedKeys = tizen.tvinputdevice.getSupportedKeys();

//keys will be the keys that you need in your app
var keys = ["MediaPlay", "MediaPause", "MediaStop", "MediaPlayPause"];

//In this loop the supported keys will be stored on tvKey. The key is given the name and the value of the code for the supported key.
for (i = 0; i < supportedKeys.length; i++) {
 tvKey[supportedKeys[i].name] = supportedKeys[i].code;

//In this loop we will check if the key that we want to register has properties. If it does, we will try to register it. 
for (i = 0; i < keys.length; i++) {
 if(tvKey.hasOwnProperty(keys[i])) {

Standard Control Samsung Smart TV

Smart Control for Samsung Smart TV 2015



Now that we have our keys registered, we need a key listener. In the body tag, we can add the property onkeydown and call a function where all the keys are controlled.

Here is the list of the key codes. Name is the name of the key that you would use to register.

Name: 0, Code: 48
Name: 1, Code: 49
Name: 2, Code: 50
Name: 3, Code: 51
Name: 3D, Code: 10199
Name: 4, Code: 52
Name: 5, Code: 53
Name: 6, Code: 54
Name: 7, Code: 55
Name: 8, Code: 56
Name: 9, Code: 57
Name: Caption, Code: 10221
Name: ChannelDown, Code: 428
Name: ChannelList, Code: 10073
Name: ChannelUp, Code: 427
Name: ColorF0Red, Code: 403
Name: ColorF1Green, Code: 404
Name: ColorF2Yellow, Code: 405
Name: ColorF3Blue, Code: 406
Name: E-Manual, Code: 10146
Name: Exit, Code: 10182
Name: Extra, Code: 10253
Name: Guide, Code: 458
Name: Info, Code: 457
Name: MTS, Code: 10195
Name: MediaFastForward, Code: 417
Name: MediaPause, Code: 19
Name: MediaPlay, Code: 415
Name: MediaPlayPause, Code: 10252
Name: MediaRecord, Code: 416
Name: MediaRewind, Code: 412
Name: MediaStop, Code: 413
Name: MediaTrackNext, Code: 10233
Name: MediaTrackPrevious, Code: 10232
Name: Menu, Code: 457
Name: Minus, Code: 189
Name: PictureSize, Code: 10140
Name: PreviousChannel, Code: 10190
Name: Search, Code: 10225
Name: Soccer, Code: 10228
Name: Source, Code: 10072
Name: Teletext, Code: 10200
Name: Tools, Code: 10135
Name: VolumeDown, Code: 448
Name: VolumeMute, Code: 449
Name: VolumeUp, Code: 447

That is all there is to it. Thank you!



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