Let’s TOAST! Introducing the new solution from Samsung for Smart TV app development!

TOAST Smart TV app development
TOAST Smart TV app development

Samsung has just launched its new solution for the future of application development on Smart TV

TOAST (TV Oriented Application Simplification for Tizen) is a tool that will allow developers to build a cross-platform solution for all Smart TV applications.
The purpose of this tool is to attack the fragmentation that occurred with the introduction of Tizen for the Samsung Smart TV platform in 2015 and reduce the overhead in development and maintenance of applications, also establishing a starting point for the adoption of new Smart TV platforms based on web technologies, allowing the user to write once and generate multiple application packages for TV.

TOAST is based on Cordova and it can currently generate application packages for the following platforms:

  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Samsung Tizen TV
  • webOS
  • Web browser
You can find more information about TOAST on the official Samsung Developers Forum website.



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