Introduction to TOAST (Part 3): Technical Specifications


Cordova model

TOAST is an open source technology based on Cordova. The first-to-go project when it comes to support One source/Multiple uses platforms.

Being Cordova an open source project of the Apache Software Foundation and old player when it comes multiple platform support we found it as the perfect fit to host a project like TOAST.

In the Cordova model, we can see how we can have a single code base in a web application and then build for testing purposes to a web browser, or create packages for both iOS and Android.

Having the same UI layer in a web view that interact with the plugin services of each platform (Objective-C for iOS and JAVA for Android) using the cordova.js as middle man.



Smart TV as a Cordova platform

In a same manner, with TOAST we have our single code base in a web application that can be build also for Browser in case you don’t have a TV set, kind of like a Web simulator, or build for our Smart TV platforms.

As you can see here, the Plug-in services layer is inside our web application layer because both Legacy OS and Tizen OS use JavaScript as their main language.



Development workflow

And this how our development workflow will look using the TOAST plug in.

  • First, we set our development and test environment in our PC.
  • Then we test each platform using the most recent SDK
  • And finally submit our app for both TV operative Systems.



Plug-in structure

Now let’s talk about the structure of the TOAST plugin. TOAST is hosted as a Github project, and it consist of four main parts.


The first one is the cordova-plugin-toast, which is the part that provides the TV specific functionalities to the developer.

Here the toast object is defined, which provides the API for accessing the TV features.

Also it’s important to note that the toast object is not available until after the device ready event from Cordova is trigger.

cordova-sectv-tizen & cordova-sectv-orsay

On this level we have both the cordova-sectv-tizen and cordova-sectv-orsay libraries that allows cordova-based projects to be built for Samsung Smart Tv platforms.


And finally, we have our grunt task for prepare and build our Cordova project to the TVs.



In the next post we will be discussing how to use the TOAST plug-in in our Smart TV development environment.



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