Monday, July 23, 2018
About us Tizen365

Creating the Smart TV developers community that the world so urgently needs!

Each time I need to learn a new technology for development my first step is always to search on the web for how much content there is out there to learn about that subject; documentation, tutorials, communities, questions on Stack Overflow, videos on YouTube, all that you need to learn to go from being an inexperienced novice to an inexperienced novice who knows where to find the precise and necessary code to copy and paste.

The first I developed an application for Smart TV this was a platform just growing. The documentation that was out there was not much. Fortunately most of the Smart TV platforms were based on web technologies; HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, so move from developing websites to applications for Smart TV was not as turbulent path. However that sometimes proved not to be enough.

I’ve been working developing applications for Smart TV for the past three years and even after so long and with a platform already established on the market the amount of information and guidance that there is still minimal.

With this in mind and the plan of many companies dedicated to produce TV sets to convert all or at least most of their catalogs to Smart TVs as required by today’s market it’s impossible to think that there is no appropriate development community to address this demand.

Tizen 365 is not an official guide or documentation site for any platform in specific, but a space for developers of Smart TV applications to share experiences, tips, best practices, samples and everything needed to build the developers community for Smart TV that the current marked needs and create better Smart TV applications.

I hope this serves as a starting point for those now getting into developing applications for this platform, a source of help for those already working on it and an opportunity to help other to those who have spent more time working on it.